Earthships Go Mainstream on CNBC

From a New Video on CNBC: ‘Mike Reynolds, 76, Started Building “Earthships” in Taos, New Mexico, More Than Half a Century Ago. For Many Years, Most People Thought He Was Nuts. Why Is This Idiot Using Garbage to Build With, and Why Is This Idiot Trying to Make Buildings That Don’t Need Utilities?

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Inexpensive (Earthbag, Natural, and Conventional) Building

People Doing Conventional Stick-Frame Building These Days Are Getting Sticker Shock. Lumber Prices Blew up Early in the Age of COVID and Everything Else Has Followed Suit. Follow These Tips for Affordable Earthbag and Natural Building.

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Inside Our Earthship Inspired Earthbag House

A House for the Future

Most of Us Were Never Taught to Use Resources Intelligently. The Infrastructure of Our Civilization Has Been Built on the Assumption That There Will Always Be Unlimited Materials at Our Disposal and Access to Extravagant Amounts of Energy to Waste.

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