Earthbag Roundhouse
Our First Earthbag House, the One Detailed in Our Book, "How to Build an Earthbag Round House." Click the picture to learn more.

Upcoming Workshops


7/12 – 7/14: Earthbag Root Cellar Workshop, Marshall, NC

9/19 – 9/22: Earthbag Scoria House Workshop, Crestone, CO

Our Story

Morgan and Mary Jane have been homesteading off-grid since before they built their first earthbag home in 2009. They held their initial public workshops in 2011, while building a sun room addition on to their earthbag roundhouse. In 2016 they started construction on a larger earthship-inspired earthbag house and have held regular natural building and sustainable living workshops ever since. In September of 2019, they held a workshop to build an earthbag tiny house, foundation to roof. That build was professionally documented and has become the basis for their online course. Since then they have continued to lead regular workshops from Crestone, CO to Cass Lake, MN. They also lead cob regular cob oven workshops as well.

Why Build with Earthbags?

Earthbags are a great medium for building strong, versatile, inexpensive structures. They can be used in applications that would be too moist for wood, cob, or strawbale. They can be used to build above and below ground houses, sheds, root cellars, stemwalls, earthships, greenhouses, walipinis, freestanding walls, cisterns, spring boxes, storm and emergency shelters, pools, steps, benches, and many, many other things. Earthbags are non-toxic, fireproof, bug-proof, mold-proof, rot-proof, bullet-proof, impact-resistant, and flood-proof.

Why Build a Cob Oven?

A cob oven is the perfect expression of both form and function, of beauty and utility. A cob oven workshop is, in itself, a great opportunity for community building. Having a pizza or baking party is a secondary way to bring people together around the oven. It offers so much more than the simple promise of delicious baked goods, it provides a way we can build bonds between us. It’s also fun for all ages, from one to 100. Even if they don’t know it, everyone secretly wants to play with mud!

Are you interested in hosting an earthbag or cob oven workshop or having help building your own earthbag tiny house, cabin, or other structure? Please contact Morgan using the contact form. Morgan is also a solar installer and all around sustainability expert. His specialty is in figuring out the best use of natural forces and materials so that anyone can live more inexpensively and less wastefully.

Please watch this page and sign up for the email list to get the latest news and discounts on upcoming workshops and teaching tours. Morgan is also available for private workshops and sustainability consultations for individuals, communities, governments, and other organizations. He has worked with multiple schools to bring earth building to children and adults. He’s the Sustainablity Dude!