Events in 2022:

February 18th-20th, Creativity and Sustainability Retreat in Hot Springs, NC.

April 4th-10th, Earthbag Tiny House (Complete Build) and Hogan Workshop, Navajo Reservation, NM.

Our Story

Morgan and Mary Jane have been homesteading off-grid since before they built their first earthbag home in 2009. They held their initial public workshops in 2011, while building a sun room addition on to their earthbag roundhouse. In 2016 they started construction on a larger earthship-inspired earthbag house and have held regular natural building and sustainable living workshops ever since. In September of 2019, they held a workshop to build an earthbag tiny house, foundation to roof. That build was professionally documented and has become the basis for our online course. In 2020 and 2021, Morgan led three more tiny house workshops and a class that learned on a 30′ diameter earthbag roundhouse.

Why Build with Earthbags?

Earthbags are a great medium for building strong, versatile, inexpensive structures. They can be used in applications that would be too moist for wood, cob, or strawbale. They can be used to build above and below ground houses, sheds, root cellars, stemwalls, greenhouses, walipinis, freestanding walls, cisterns, spring boxes, storm and emergency shelters, pools, steps, benches, and many, many other things. Earthbags are non-toxic, fireproof, bug-proof, mold-proof, rot-proof, bullet-proof, impact-resistant, and flood-proof.

Are you interested in hosting a workshop or having help building your own earthbag tiny house, cabin, or other structure? Please contact Morgan using the form at the bottom of the page.

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