We’re Now Offering Earthbag House Plans from Dr. Owen Geiger

Owen Geiger
Dr. Owen Geiger

We are pleased to announce a partnership with Kelly Hart of earthbagbuilding.com and naturalbuildingblog.com to offer some of our mutual friend, Owen Geiger’s, floor plans for earthbag and natural homes. Owen passed away in 2018 but the global work he did to advance earthbag building and the cause of affordable, sustainable housing carries on.

I was fortunate to call Owen a friend. He helped share info about our Sustainable Life School workshops via the Natural Building Blog and was the guy I’d go to when I had questions about the finer points of earthbag building. Owen was a contractor, an architect, an engineer, and he had a doctorate in social and economic development. His wide range of knowledge and design acumen shines through in his house plans. 

Owen’s designs are beautiful and elegant. You can see the care that went into crafting and rendering each one. I have chosen to share designs that I think would be realistic for most folks if they apply themselves. Of course building any house is a big project and there are many things that need to be taken into consideration. In an upcoming post I will share Owen’s philosophy which is a succinct checklist of sustainable building and clean design practices. Owen made a lot of house plans. I will be continuing to add more as I find the time to go through them. A portion of the proceeds of these sales goes to us and the rest goes to his estate. 

All of the house plans that we offer can be found by clicking here. I am featuring a handful of them below. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have about these plans directly in this post and thanks for reading and supporting earthbag and natural building! 

Crow House Plan
The Crow House
Double unit eco-resort plan
The Double Unit Eco-Resort
Earthbag Arc House
The Arc House
Earthbag beach house
The Earthbag Beach House

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  1. Janelle Smith-Dozier

    Hello, I am new to this website. I have a question I have a design of a dome home that I was able to create using one of Dr. Geiger plans. I switched it up a bit and sent it off to this website strawhouses@yahoo.com. it came back stating no longer working. I understand now, and very sorry for your loss.
    Hopefully you can help me. I was hoping you could help me with an estimate of what it would cost to build…or just give me directions on the supplies. Thank you so much for your time, and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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