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Earthships Go Mainstream on CNBC

From a new video on CNBC:

‘Mike Reynolds, 76, started building “earthships” in Taos, New Mexico, more than half a century ago. For many years, most people thought he was nuts.

Why is this idiot using garbage to build with, and why is this idiot trying to make buildings that don’t need utilities?” said Reynolds, summarizing what people thought of him. Now this self-proclaimed idiot is looking pretty smart because more and more people are not just interested, they’re buying in.

“Covid and climate change are causing a current spike. So yes, this is getting to be the right place and the right time for these ideas to really be accepted more than they’ve ever been accepted before. It used to be they just scared people,” he said.’

Though some folks may not like some of the materials used in earthships, namely used tires and concrete, earthship design principles using passive solar and thermal mass can be integrated into structures in almost any location to make them much more comfortable year round, without any use of fossil fuels or nuclear energy. I always take advantage of any opportunities I get to incorporate these ideas into what I design and build.

The video claims that earthships range from $200 – $400 per sq. ft. I’d like to point out that our earthship-inspired earthbag house only cost about $10 to $15 a sq. ft. 

You can find more information on earthships through

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