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Our October 2022 Earthbag Tiny House Workshop

Well, we had another bangin’ workshop, folks! Numbers wise, this was our biggest yet with about twenty people in attendance. I only managed to get a picture of part of the group. Someone else took a picture of the other half and I was going to clumsily cobble the two together with my mediocre photoshop skills but the other person never sent the picture! Lesson learned!

The particular design we were working on this time has turned out to be one of my favorites. It is a round house with a large, flat panel on the south side to invite yummy winter sun inside! This will allow for free heating in the winter months and also give the positive psychological effects of plenty of light.

A big thanks to all of the folks who came and made it such a fun experience. I love every group. Every one is unique and special.

The pictures below are in chronological order.

Thanks for reading! Morgan.

Getting started.
Staging the bags for building.
Starting on the wall.
A coupla' cute eye levelers.
Making some progress.
This simple design is one of my favorites now.
A glorious fall day.
Getting ready for an earth plastering demonstration.
A couple of wall tamping methods. Safety is key.
The current state of the tiny. Beams up and ready to start putting rafters on. The colored finish is a cement and mud "sunscreen" that we put on by hand.

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