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A US Hyperadobe Supplier

For a number of years I tried to find a domestic supplier of warp knit raschel tubing, used in hyperadobe building, to no avail. For those who don’t know about it, raschel is the strong mesh material used in veggie bags and the such (not to be confused with thin, plastic, onion bag material). One of the big advantages of using raschel tubing instead of earthbags is that you don’t have to use barbed wire between the courses, since the earth can be in direct contact through the mesh. For most folks it will probably take a team to build using the tubing, though I came across a guy online who claimed to do it by himself (he neglected to share the specifics of his method). 


This comes from Jeremiah Rotzoll of Volm Industries: “The sizes we have available to ship are 8”, 12” and 16”. All the rolls are 1640ft (500 meters) in length.

Delivered pricing:

8in – $234.52 per roll

12in – $306.68 per roll

16in – $378.84 per roll”

Here’s a link to their hyperadobe web page.

If you buy from them, tell them that Morgan from Sustainable Life School sent you and maybe they’ll send me a free roll to play with! 

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  1. Elias Makrides

    Hey there,
    You would be interested for some seminars on natural building techniques here in Cyprus?


    1. Morgan Caraway

      Hello Elias. I’ve very unlikely to make it over that way in the near future. Thanks for your interest!

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