Hello all, I’m Morgan. I find it impossible to limit myself to one art form or way of expression. I’m a published author, musician, natural builder, visual artist, video game and tabletop game developer, and devoted disciple of the DIY ethic. I will share some of my more recent projects here. My most recent artwork is entitled, “Death of a Gun.” Further below are my available books and albums.

Death of a Gun

Death of a Gun

In 2022, I created the mixed medium painting Death of a Gun to protest gun violence in the US. I destroyed a flawless 38 special to make it. It is scrap metal, acrylic, and epoxy on wood. The epoxy gives the acrylic a wet-like shine, making it look like fresh blood. Death of a Gun can be purchased here.

Death of a Gun 2

Some of My Creative Endeavors

In 2009, as we were building our first earthbag house, I began writing my first book, my take on the philosophy of Advaita (non-duality) – Blessed Disillusionment: Seeing Through Ideas of Separation. It was published in 2011 by Non Duality Press. In 2011, I also finished my first (and probably last) novel, The Unliving: A Personal Tale of Zombie Apocalypse. In 2018, I released what I felt like was my most important work yet, Ecological Awakening, and I also published The Book of Leaves: Reflections on Dying and Change. In early 2024, I finished a book about the building of our first earthbag house: Building an Earthbag Round House: A Step-by-Step Illustrated Guide.

In 2020, I released Celestial Travelersmy first complete album in years. In 2022, I finished my prog-punk-metal concept album maxi-single, a not-so-fond farewell to the Trump presidency, Escape From Subterranus

Eldritch Tentacles Games is my game development studio. I create tabletop games (Multidimensional Dungeons) and video games (Cy: Cyberpunk Survivors, Deck of Darkness).