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What is Multidimensional Dungeons?

Multidimensional Dungeons is a card and dice-based, tabletop role-playing game. It is inspired by classic Dungeons and Dragons and computer games such as the Diablo series, Slay the Spire, Titan Quest, Grim Dawn, and others. The game world is represented with cards and combat is fast and strategic. 

At the beginning of the game, you choose one of the three main classes (warrior, mage, or rogue) and as you level up, you add powerful ability cards from the nine sub classes (knight, barbarian, swashbuckler, healer, elementalist, necromancer, thief, ranger, or assassin) to your deck. The labyrinths of MDD are randomly generated by cards and dice rolls so each playthrough brings new surprises. It is designed to be easy to pick up and hard to put down. Since player abilities are expressed in cards, leveling up doesn’t demand searching through lists of spells and abilities, but simply picking the available card option that you want. You can also choose from the cards of other subclasses, allowing for almost limitless multiclass possibilities. 

No dungeon master or preparation are needed. The dungeon player rolls for monster attacks and carries out scripted AI for each enemy. The dungeon player can also play a character and even have a pet in solo games! 

Multidimensional Dungeons Cards
Just a few of the many enemies and character types.

Some Features of Multidimensional Dungeons

• Co-operative, solo, or PVP gameplay for one to four players. Card and dice-based gameplay allowing for maximum variation. Always a different experience—no two games will be alike!
• A deep and intuitive role playing system that keeps players enguaged–no waiting thirty minutes for your next turn!
• A simple yet comprehensive stat system—the entire character sheet is half a page! Character creation usually takes between five and ten minutes and I will include a PDF of pre-made characters as well for those who want to jump right in.
• Three main classes, 9 playable sub-classes and 19,683 potential multi-class combinations with this first set.
• 24 (and counting) types of beings to play including elves, half-beast primals and undead revenants. Want one you don’t see? Create it!
• Hundreds of powerful items. Deadly traps. Mounds of malignant monsters. Pets. BOSS BATTLES!
• Original, dark fantasy art by Morgan Caraway with flavors of Lovecraft.
• A mysterious story that will drive the action until the riveting climax. 
• The initial set will allow players to make their way to level five. I already have two expansions planned, Expedition to Doréamor: Unravelling the Undeath Plague and The Kingdom of Secrets which will take the players to level ten and beyond.

Updated Character Sheet
The character sheet.
Ashmandael Multidimensional Dungeons
The continent of Ashmandael.

A Bit of the Story:

Two generations ago, glowing portals began appearing around the land of Ashmandael. The familiar flora and fauna around these portals began slowly but perceptibly metamorphosing into stranger, more unsettling forms. Even people living in their proximity were noticeably altered over time. Bands of heretofore unknown creatures began taking up residence in the forests and caves. At first these settlements had little conflict with neighboring human villages but as the numbers of the newcomers grew, strife and outright combat became more commonplace. The appearance of the portals also coincided with the arrival of mysterious, arcane forms of magic. At first it was mostly the newcomers who delved into such esoteric secrets but humans, not wanting to be left behind, began approaching the outsiders to learn the ways of the occult. Against all odds, alliances and friendships were formed amongst members of the different species.

You live close to the multi-species outpost Salizaar, near which one of the first known portals appeared. To the south are the volcanic badlands of Doréamor, home of the fierce and wild Fire Elves, who build their ceramic villages around the rims of active volcanoes. Doréamor is also the origin of a horrifying plague of undeath that has spread like wildfire to all of the known kingdoms, bringing some to the very brink of collapse. To the north, in the expansive frozen wastes, live the mysterious and secretive Draedi, the Ice Elves, the ancestral enemies of the fire elves. It’s rumored that they live in elaborate, subterranean cities, carved directly into the ice by inscrutable magics.

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