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It’s no secret that the tiny house craze is sweeping the nation. People, sick of bloated McMansion living, are rebelling and purposefully living small. Conventional stick-built tiny homes can get quite costly but, using earthbags, we can build stronger and at a fraction of the cost (the tiny house we built at our 2019 workshop cost less than $1800!).

We are pleased to be offering this natural building workshop on April 4th-10th 2022 at the Navajo Nation, 30 minutes away from Gallup, NM. With a large enough group, we should get the tiny house built, foundation to roof, and at least begin work on a ceremonial earthbag hogan. Signing up for this workshop entitles the participant to spend as much time as they would like on the project but no refunds will be given for those who leave early.

During this workshop, we will learn the fundamentals of earthbag building, cob and earth plaster, site planning, utilizing passive solar and thermal mass, foundation and roof options, and more!

Primitive camping is available for free on site. Morning coffee and lunch will be served daily. The hours of the workshop will be from 10am to 5pm on each day, with an hour-long break for lunch. Click the button below to sign up or use the contact page to ask any questions you might have. Within 24 hours after you pay, the address and other details will be sent to you. Participation is limited to 24 folks. We look forward to seeing you there!

Cancellation policy: If a participant cancels six weeks or more before the scheduled beginning date, a full refund minus paypal fees and $50 will be given. Between six weeks and one month, half of the money, minus paypal fees, will be refunded. Less than one month before the begin date, no refund will be given. In any cases of cancellation, one can also use their credit towards a later workshop or towards consultation (availability permitting). (Updated 4-19-21)