Where Can I Buy Earthbags (Sandbags)?

Where Can I Get the Best Deal on Sandbags?

Hello all and welcome to the Sustainable Life School blog! In this blog, I’ll be trying to answer some of the most common questions about earthbag building. One of the more frequent questions I hear is where to find a good deal on sandbags. I usually buy mine from eBay but prices have gone up there. Now I recommend sandbaggy.com. Bags come in two main sizes, 14″ x 26″ and 18″ x 30″. We always use the smaller bags which weigh about 40 to 50 lbs each when full and make a wall about a foot thick when plastered. We buy 1000 bags at a time so you get a better bulk buying discount.

The best price seems to currently be around $300 for 1000 bags. I will regularly update this page with a link to the best price I can find. Here ya go! 

The current best deal on 1000 bags.


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