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Inexpensive (Earthbag, Natural, and Conventional) Building

People Doing Conventional Stick-Frame Building These Days Are Getting Sticker Shock. Lumber Prices Blew up Early in the Age of COVID and Everything Else Has Followed Suit. Follow These Tips for Affordable Earthbag and Natural Building.

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Reasons to Build Your Tiny House with Earth

In 2019, we set up a workshop to build a tiny house on our community property. It was an eight-day workshop–the longest we had done to date, and it filled up quickly. As most readers probably already know, tiny houses have been one of the biggest trends in alternative building.

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What is Earthbag Building?

I’ve Been a Proponent of Earthbag Building for Well Over a Decade Now. When I Tell People What I Teach, I’d Say That at Least 95% Of Folks Haven’t Heard of It. The Premise Is Simple: Put Dirt (A Mix of Sand and Clay) In Sandbags and Build Walls With It. We Built Our First Earthbag House in 2009...

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Building our Earthship-Inspired Earthbag House

In 2014 our small intentional community purchased twelve acres of prime land in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Over the next year and a half, we helped our community members build infrastructure and their earthbag house. In the spring of 2016, we began work on our own earthship-inspired earthbag house.

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Our Earthbag Tiny House

I quickly fell in love with earthbag building after discovering it in 2007. The fact that you could build an extremely strong, extremely inexpensive house using materials from under your feet was very appealing to me. in 2019, after building two of our own larger earthbag houses, I decided to go small and build an earthbag tiny house. I was having a bit of a midlife crisis and wanted to downsize and simplify my life or to at least model that possibility for others.

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