Our Biggest Sale Yet on Our Earthbag Tiny House Course, Owen’s House Plans, and Our Upcoming Workshop

Hello all! 

The holiday season is upon us with Black Fridays, Cyber Mondays, and the like! In the spirit of sharing, we’re lowering the prices on everything we have to offer. For a limited time, our Online Earthbag Tiny House Course is the lowest price yet–only $100 ($200 off) for permanent access to the entire class! Also, we are offering a unparalleled discount on all of Owen Geiger’s gorgeous house plans. If you aren’t familiar with Owen’s designs, click this link to take a look. His house designs are remarkable for their beauty, simplicity, and functionality. All of his plans are available in PDF and autoCAD versions, for those who would like to make alterations. Owen’s layouts lend themselves to many forms of natural building including earthbag, cob, strawbale, and many others. 

Below are a few examples of Owen’s designs. Click on them to read more about them.

We are also offering the deepest discount on our April 2021 workshop near Marshall, NC. Click this link to find out more!

Thanks for reading! Morgan.

The Torus
U-Shaped House
The U-Shaped House
Lodge With Domes
Lodge with Domes

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