Our Online Earthbag Tiny House Class is Live!

A pic from our 2019 earthbag tiny house workshop.

Our Online Earthbag Tiny House Class is Live!

In 2019, we had an eight-day workshop at our property, to begin work on an earthbag tiny house. Before the workshop, I had the good fortune of making some friends, Austin Lottimer and Chelsea Grey, who were professional documentarians. They came and filmed on the main teaching days of the workshop, meticulously documenting everything we were doing. 

After the workshop, it took several more months to get the house mostly finished. I continued filming through this period. I was also taking lots of pictures for the (still) upcoming Mother Earth News article (now to be published in mid 2021). 

Now, after several months of video editing and compiling, I am finished with our online workshopBuilding an Earthbag Tiny House. It is available through the thinkific platform. It currently has 50 lessons (including 46 videos – several hours of footage) and I’ll be updating it as time goes on and better information becomes available. 

The discounted price of this class is $150 (the regular price is $300). 

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