Own Owen Geiger’s Earthbag House Plans for a Deeper Discount With Coupon Code

Spiral Earthbag House
The Spiral Earthbag House Plan

If you have dreamt of building a house based on one of Dr. Owen Geiger’s beautiful house plans, now is the time to do it! Until January 1st, use coupon code SOLSTICE10 at checkout to get an additional 10% off of the already discounted price, for a total of 20% off! A sale like this is unheard of and will probably only be a one-time happening.

All of the plans we offer can be found here: https://sustainablelifeschool.com/store/

For those who don’t know, Owen was an engineer, an architect, and had a doctorate in social and economic development. His passion was making high-quality housing available for folks with limited means and all of his plans are an expression of that quest. I have worked on houses based on his plans and all of them are available in AutoCAD and PDF formats. Owen’s associate and close friend, Kelly Hart, has graciously permitted me to offer this double discount and a sale on Owen’s plans such as this is a first to my knowledge. 

Thank you for supporting natural building!

Earthworm studio
The Earthworm Studio House Plan

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