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Dying and Change Are Part of Every Life. In This Unusual Book, Author Morgan Caraway Delves Deep Into the Meaning of Death and the Limits of What Can Be Known.



The Book of Leaves - Reflections on Dying and Change

There is something ineffably beautiful about this book.” – Rob Marino

His imagery opened the door to respect, reverence, acceptance, and awe for his skill! Someday his work will be a national treasure, if it isn’t already.” – Kevin Martin

Morgan’s latest book is a little gem for its simplicity in reminding us nothing lasts forever. Paired with beautiful images, it is a gentle take on the heaviest of subjects, death. And if you follow the tradition of memento mori, Book of Leaves will give pause to reflect upon your own life and of your own death, and just how intertwined the two are.” – James Kelleher

It is a true gift of the natural world to be given examples of birth, life, death, and renewal. In a world that seems to gloat in having solved all the great mysteries, death remains still unresolved… unsettled. The Book of Leaves is the writing of a person who accepted the unknown and released the fears he is aware of. There may be no greater freedom, than the freedom from fear.” – Brian Ezzell

Morgan’s new ‘Book of Leaves’ is a heartfelt tribute both to passages in nature and to the passing of his loved ones. The beautiful images in the book help to elucidate his deeply felt ideas about life and death. It’s very inspiring material and highly recommended.” – Rock Eblen

Dying and change are part of every life. In this unusual book, author Morgan Caraway delves deep into the meaning of death and the limits of what can be known. By sharing pivotal personal experiences, he explains how he came to be at peace with these unavoidable realities. This 36 page volume also contains nineteen beautiful, full-color, detail-enhanced pictures of vibrant fallen leaves and striking kaleidoscopic images.



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