Morgan Caraway – Celestial Travelers (Full Album Download)


Morgan’s Album Celestial Travelers Has Been Described as Ambient, Psychedelic, Space Rock. From the Breezy, Cosmic Title Track Onward, This Album Covers a Lot of Sonic Ground.



Released on October 9th, 2020, Morgan’s album Celestial Travelers has been described as ambient, psychedelic, space rock. From the breezy, cosmic title track, to the cybernetic groove of Transistor Funk, to the powerful ambient soundscape of Beyond the Far Horizon, this album covers a lot of sonic ground. When you buy this album, you will be given access to a zip file with 320 kbps mp3s of all of the songs and high resolution cover art.

Track listing:

1. Celestial Travelers

2. The Untakable Step

3. Call of the Far Horizon

4. Transistor Funk

5. Flying for No Reason

6. Gate of Wonders

7. Number Whoa

8. March of the Ancients

9. How to Forget About Gravity


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