A Video Overview of Our Online Earthbag Tiny House Course

From the video:

“Would you like to build a house that’s stronger than a conventional structure at a fraction of the cost? Would you like to have a home made out of a materials that are non-toxic, fire-proof, wind-proof, termite-proof, and even bullet-proof? If so, earthbag building may be perfect for you.

In September of 2019, we had an eight-day workshop to begin work on an earthbag tiny house. Just recently, I finished creating an online course that encompasses the entire build, from foundation to finishing. This instructional video includes over four and a half hours of video lessons and multi media documents that share our best tips and tricks, and the latest, most up-to-date methods that we’ve learned over the past thirteen years.

We had a great time over the eight days of the workshop and the group really bonded in an amazing way. Also, I had made a couple of good friends who were documentarians and they came and professionally filmed the most important parts of the workshop. This video isn’t a boring powerpoint or whiteboard presentation but step-by-step footage from the actual build.

With an earthbag building, most of the material can come from under your feet for free. By using salvaged and repurposed materials, we kept the total cost of our tiny house under $1800, including a brand new metal roof and an easy and elegant earthen floor. Strength, economics, versatility, and simplicity are all reasons to consider earthbag building.

To find out more, please visit sustainablelifeschool.thinkific.com

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