Add Your Voice To Save Oakland Homeless Cob Village

Wood Street Cob Village
Photo by Gabrielle Canon

Please click this link to sign the petition to save Wood Street. 

You may have heard mention of the Cob on Wood village at Wood Street in Oakland, CA. It is perhaps one of the most inspiring projects I’ve ever come across. Using the labor of residents and volunteers, they built a community center that features a kitchen, free store, and a health clinic. The video below shows some of the story of Cob on Wood and how it has changed disadvantaged resident’s lives. I think it could serve as a model of how to empower folks to be inspired to change their own situations and to give them some much needed help while doing so. 

This project should be strongly applauded, not torn down. Running homeless people off from encampments doesn’t solve anything but only aggravates their hardships. Visionary solutions such as Cob on Wood, and the good-hearted folks who initiate them, are exactly what the world needs right now. I signed the petition and I urge you to as well. There is also a gofundme campaign for Cob on Wood that you can donate to here.

Thank you for taking action to save something of real value!

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