Modular Pods Plan


Variations of this Design Connects Two or Three Hexagonal Pods or Modules That Can Be Arranged in Various Configurations Using More or Fewer Pods. Can Be Built One Stage at a Time.

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Modular Pods Plan by Dr. Owen Geiger

Three Pods

3 Pods

3 Pods Floor Plan

This design connects three hexagonal pods or modules that can be arranged in various configurations using more or fewer pods. This enables the home to be built one stage at a time. The bonus room in the Double bedroom pod can be used as a study, etc. The bonus room in the Master bedroom pod can serve as a home office, guest room, etc. Main pod = 372 sq. ft., Double bedroom pod = 372 sq. ft., Master bedroom pod = 372 sq. ft., connecting spaces = 220 sq. ft., total = 1,336 sq. ft. interior; footprint: 42′ x 87′. Also comes in a two pod version.

Two Pods

2 Pods

2 Pods Floor Plan

A Six Pod Version Made From Two Three-Pods

6 Pods Floor Plan

These plans are available as digital PDF files or AutoCAD files and were created by Dr. Owen Geiger as complete and ready to build from. They include necessary elevations, floorplans, cross section details, and other significant construction details; they don’t show every view, every detail — just enough to build. They do not include electrical and plumbing details. The section views explain how everything goes together and should answer your questions about materials. The plans are scaled and dimensioned.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to find out special requirements, such as what alternative building is allowed in your county or what you have to do to get houses permitted. Are there special requirements for foundations, etc.? Do they require an engineer or architect to stamp the plans? It might be a good idea to know these things before ordering plans.

The AutoCAD version is the same as the PDF version, just in a format that can be read by AutoCAD software or other software that reads .dwg files. We recommend buying the AutoCAD version if you plan to have a professional architect or engineer read or make changes to the plan. This may be necessary in some jurisdictions that require state-licensed architects or engineers to stamp plans before they will be acceptable. Or if you want another professional to make some custom changes to Owen’s stock plans, then the AutoCAD version may be the way to  go. If you would like both the PDF and the AutoCAD versions, then just indicate this when you purchase the AutoCAD version and they both will be sent for the price of the AutoCAD file.

This plan is offered with a free copy of Owen’s popular Earthbag Building Guide e-book; see this page for more about this book. All digital files will be delivered by Kelly Hart via email attachments to the paypal account email address within 24 hours after purchase.

By purchasing, you acknowledge that you agree to the Disclaimer of Liability and Warranty: I specifically disclaim any warranty, either expressed or implied, concerning the information on these pages. Neither I nor any of the designer/architects associated with this site will have liability for loss, damage, or injury, resulting from the use of any information found on this, or any other page at this site. Morgan Caraway, sustainablelifeschool.com.

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