Multidimensional Dungeons

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I’m going to have my first prototype in hand in the next couple of weeks and will begin playtesting it!

What is Multidimensional Dungeons?

A game of many cards.

Do you long for the simplicity of the good-ole days of tabletop gaming? I am designing Multidimensional Dungeons to require no prep time and I’m working on making the basic rules simple enough that they can be understood by all players in 15 minutes or less. By using roguelike and roguelite principles, the game is given an absurd amount of variety right out of the box. I also want it to be tailored to allowing players to play pretty much any being type they want and to customize and embellish those characters as much as they wish. It will be also be fully possible to create dungeons and to set up the experience ahead of time, if one wishes. I want this game to be built around the desires of the players. Want an action RPG? You’ve got it. Want more role-playing and character interaction? Do it!

Multidimensional Dungeons is a project I started working on in 2019. The seed was planted when I began creating a procedural dungeon generation system for Dungeons and Dragons 5E, but it soon became obvious that a different (less complex) framework was needed. I find that I, like many, hearken back to the earlier, simpler versions of Dungeons and Dragons like those I used to play with my whole family (including my Grandma!) with my Dad as the dungeon master. Really what I’m trying to accomplish is to capture the magic of those early, formative gaming sessions.

I am a big fan of Slay the Spire and other card battle games, and this, combined with a love of ARPGs (action role-playing games) such as the Diablo series, Titan Quest, and Grim Dawn, started motivating me to find a combination of a card-based deckbuilding and deep, randomized, dungeon delving experience. I began looking for one and couldn’t find any. Many folks complained that the card-based, tabletop role-playing games that were available were too simple and stripped down. I wanted something with a high amount of character customization and most of the card based tabletop RPGs seemed to only offer premade heroes.  

In late 2020, feeling moved by the lack of what I wanted to play, I began work on Multidimensional Dungeons. I began illustrating some of the core being types in the game. First I drew the Lich, an undead magic user that can be a player character or enemy, and then the Rune Warrior. More illustrations of treasures, hazards, and enemies, followed. I used to draw all of the time as a child but I haven’t very much for the last 25 or thirty years, until now! I have also been fleshing out the rules, background story, etc. My goal is for this game to be a blast to play. I would like to have it at least mostly done by the end of 2021 and will be playing a prototype before the end of February.I

Owl Primal Card
Bear Primal Card

Some Features of Multidimensional Dungeons

• Co-operative gameplay for one to six players. Card and dice-based gameplay allowing for maximum variation. Always a different experienceno two games will be alike!
• A deep and intuitive role playing system.
• A simple yet comprehensive stat system—the entire character sheet is half a page!
• Three main classes, 9 playable sub-classes and 19,683 potential multi-class combinations with this first set.
• 23 (and counting) types of beings to play including elves, half-beast primals and undead revenants. Don’t see one that you want? Create it!
• Hundreds of items. Deadly Traps. BOSS BATTLES!
• The initial set will allow players to make their way to level five. If the game succeeds and if I want to do it, I’ll make expansion sets in the future up to level 10, 20, or perhaps even higher.

A Bit of the Story:

Two generations ago, glowing portals began appearing around the land of Ashmandael. The familiar flora and fauna around these portals began slowly but perceptibly metamorphosing into stranger, more unsettling forms. Even people living in their proximity were noticeably altered over time. Bands of heretofore unknown creatures began taking up residence in the forests and caves. At first these settlements had little conflict with neighboring human villages but as the numbers of the newcomers grew, strife and outright combat became more commonplace. The appearance of the portals also coincided with the arrival of mysterious, arcane forms of magic. At first it was mostly the newcomers who delved into such esoteric secrets but humans, not wanting to be left behind, began approaching the outsiders to learn the ways of the occult. Against all odds, alliances and friendships were formed amongst members of the different species.

Warbands and groups of ragtag adventurers, in search of treasure, renown, and answers, have been making excursions into these portals for years. Some large, well-equipped groups have disappeared without a trace and stealthy lone seekers have returned to tell tales of the sights they’ve seen and the wonders they’ve experienced. Unlucky creatures that become trapped in the dungeons become confused and combative over time. Eventually they will attack anyone who comes upon them. This makes entry a dangerous proposition. Will you join the brave and the foolhardy and descend into the multidimensional dungeons?

The Biomech
The first boss, the Biomech.

Right now, I’m considering releasing the game in multiple formats. The least expensive entry into the series will be the sets of cards and a downloadable PDF. The buyer would need to provide the other parts – dice, game mat, character sheets, etc. Another version could have the cards and a printed rulebook. The deluxe version will be the boxed set and it will include around 150 full-color cards with dark fantasy art including flavors of Lovecraft, a full set of polyhedral dice, streamlined character sheets, a combat grid, character and monster tokens/counters, a rulebook (under 50 pages). Below, you can see the character sheet I’ve come up with. I wanted to have it be as simple, streamlined, and straightforward as possible and not too crowded with unneeded information.

I will probably be launching the Kickstarter campaign for this in Q4 of 2021. Use the contact form below to be put on a mailing list for updates on the game or to contact me. Thank for checking in and stay tuned! Morgan.

Updated Character Sheet

More Stuff!

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