"I contain multitudes." - Walt Whitman

"Keep yourself guessing." - Morgan Caraway

Morgan Caraway
Sexy Self-Portrait, 2020

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I have been called (among other things) a creator. I don’t think of myself that way. I see my life and everything I do as a seamless part of an infinitely creative universe – it is doing all of the heavy lifting, I don’t have to do anything. 

In 2009, as we were building our first earthbag house, I began writing my first book, my take on the philosophy of Advaita – Blessed Disillusionment: Seeing Through Ideas of Separation. It was published in 2011 by Non Duality Press. In 2011, I also finished my first (and probably last) novel, The Unliving: A Personal Tale of Zombie Apocalypse. In 2018, I released what I felt like was my most important work yet, Ecological Awakening, and I also published The Book of Leaves: Reflections on Dying and Change. Currently I am writing a book about my life philosophy called The Gospel of Giving Up. It will likely be released in 2022. Click on any of the images below if you’d like to buy them or learn more.

In 2020, I released Celestial Travelers, my first complete album in years. I’m also very close to releasing my prog-punk-metal concept album maxi-single, Escape From Subterranus. Click the cover below to hear the title track.

Click this link to check out my latest project, Multidimensional Dungeons. It is a deckbuilding, tabletop, RPG and I’ve been doing a bunch of art for it.


Ecological Awakening
Ecological Awakening
The Book of Leaves - Reflections on Dying and Change
Blessed Disillusionment - Seeing Through Ideas of Separation
Blessed Disillusionment: Seeing Through Ideas of Separation
The Unliving - A Personal Tale of Zombie Apocalypse
The Unliving: A Personal Tale of Zombie Apocalypse


Celestial Travelers cover
Celestial Travelers
Escape from Subterranus
Escape from Subterranus

Artwork and Game Design

I surprise myself endlessly. Late last year, I started working on a card-based, tabletop RPG, Multidimensional Dungeons. It’s the first illustration I’ve done in quite a while other than album and book covers. Below are a couple of the enemy cards from the game. You can find out more about Multidimensional Dungeons by clicking here or one of the images below.

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